Experiences with Babaji

Thank You

Om namaha shivaya!

Im a 43 year old man living in Stavanger, Norway. Im married and have three wonderful kids and work as attorney helping people with individual cases related to work(labour law).

Ive been blessed with direct communication with Babaji several times in my life. For 7 years ago he made specific instructions to me in a very difficult period in life. I was told to be true to myself and live truth, listen to what makes my heart sing, that all my wishes will come true and simply-work is my worship! 

Christ The Lord also came to me several times 7-8 years ago in his light body with his profound message that all is love and we are loved. I know from personal experience that Babaji and Christ are Masters beyond time and space acting directly on behalf of cosmic consciousness Itself.

All this happened years before I became aware of and studied Babajis teachings of truth, simplicity, love, karma yoga and om namaha shivaya.

This summer I had a crisis again. After I met my wife in 2007 so much was destined to happen. Childbirths, building a house, transformations at work ( starting a company and taking my final exams to become an attorney). After I came back from summer holidays 2014 I was depressed and couldnt start working again when at the office. I could find no reason externally. I went deep into my Self and worked with introspective questions, Tarot cards to look myself in the mirror, meditated, went for walks and started jogging. I even took up the practice of 5 tibetan rites.

After a while I realized that my soul was bleeding and that I needed to reestablish the contact with the shining Self within. Earlier this year I also had dreams and visions while sleeping of myself lying at Babajis feet in pranam. I  touched his feet and asked in my dream when I was supposed to see him again and he replied "Soon". 

I realize now that "Soon" meant going through a new crisis first. Soon also means renewed contact with my spiritual Mother Sissel Tvedte (also called Sushila a name I believed she got after visiting Satya Sai Baba). She happens to live in a place called Son, pronounced in norwegian the same as The english word "soon".  Sissel is a beautiful soul and remarkable woman that have helped  thousands of people through her work since the 1970`s with rebirthing, teaching at courses, and taking individual clients at the Jupitercentre in Son. I have never talked to Sissel about her experiences with Babaji in Haidakhan while he was there, but I know he is her Master. 

I dont know where this journey of life leads. I try to enjoy everything as much as possible. Taking one of my sons to a swimming course or a bike ride, doing caretaker-work in my house, helping clients as an attorney and whatever needs to be done.
I think I write this to say thank you for putting together a website like Babaji.net. To me its an inspiration. Thats because I am not supposed to or have any opportunity to go to an ashram. For so long I want to stay close to my family and work and connect with God while living a normal life.

Thank you for listening!

Om namaha shivaya!

the importance of Om Namah Shivay

I am going to tell my opinion about the importance of the maha-mantra for me and what it has to do with what Jesus said: ...unless a person is born of WATER and WATER, he cannot enter the kingdom of god. What is born from the flesh is flesh, and what is born from the spirit is spirit.(John 3:1-21)

I had always (and still have) Jesus Christ in my heart as the greatest incarnation of love, his words seemed to me very sweet, I was 16, I started reading his beautiful teachings in the gospels, but I didn't succeed to fulfil his teachings, but I knew inside me that  the mysteries (Baptism, second Birth,.....) were misinterpreted by the church. I don't speak against church, but I wanted to find the truth(,simplicity and love), no matter what I would cost. So I started to study all the religions (from the well known religions like of the loving Buddha to more secret, like the of ancient Egypt)  and  of course I realised that, what Babaji said, that all religions are one.

Now in the morning I realised, that Babaji came to teach us that, how to be reborn, as above Jesus mentioned (obviously, since Babaji was a teacher of Jesus, if I am not mistaken), and that is through his maha-mantra(Om Namah Shivay). I will try to give an explanation, but don't take it literally, it is  difficult to translate the language of the heart in English. Although there is much to tell about it, I will try to be simple, please God forgive me if I make a mistake.  If you remember, Babaji said Om Namah Shivay is the WATER to clean your heart, if you heart is not pour, how can God live in you?,   so here is the WATER about Jesus said (...unless a person is born of WATER and SPIRIT...), and the SPIRIT is the Holy Spirit (Mary became pregnant with the Holy Spirit and gave birth to the Redeemer...), the third Logos, in Hinduism called Shiva, so here we have the water and the spirit for the second birth, to enter the kingdom of god, see you there


near Wien

Fifth Day of Navaratri - 19 Oct 2012

During meditation while listening to the Lalitha Ashtotram (by Craig Pruess and Ananda), I became aware that I was in the Presence of the Divine Mother, She was, in fact, in front of me. Then, I realized that in front of me were MahaKali, MahaLaxsmi, and MahaSaraswati. Almost immediately, I could see that we were sitting on a gold floor and we were surrounded by large columns that were encrusted with precious gem stones. I noticed at first, that there were more Divine Mothers present, and they were sitting in front of me in a half-moon. Then, I became aware that I was actually surrounded by Divine Mothers ~ in truth, 108 manifestations of the Divine Mother. They were in a circle and I was in the middle of them. Outside of Their circle was a ring of Violet Fire. I was connected to each of them, Heart-to-Heart, by a golden beam of Light. As I looked up, I could see that the Place we were in was very much like a Mosque, except that it seemed to have no ceiling to it. The columns went up as far as one could imagine, and coming down from above was a bright White Light that entered through the top of my head, went down my spine, and out my root chakra. As I looked below me, I could see the White Light extend from my root chakra down to the Earth, surrounding Her in a beautiful Light grid. At this point, I noticed that I was wearing clothes made of emerald green silk with gold stitching. My blonde hair was very long, and there was a piece of gold jewelry around my forehead with a sort of diamond shaped gold medallion resting on my forehead. There were gold band rings on each of my toes, and rings on my fingers – not on my thumbs. The rings on my fingers starting from my pinky fingers were gold bands with a large ruby, the ring fingers had gold bands with a large emerald, the middle fingers had a gold band with a large sapphire, and the pointer fingers had gold bands with large diamonds. The size of the stones increased from the smallest being the rubies to the largest being the diamonds. I found that I was now sitting in the middle of a large Lotus. The Lotus was turning counter-clockwise so that I could see each of the Divine Mothers, and as I turned, my connection to each of them through the gold beam of Light remained intact. Then, I saw that the White Light from above was now streaming down through each of the Divine Mothers, just as it was still doing through me, and the Light that was going through Their Root Chakras was also enveloping the Earth. Next, all of the Divine Mothers were now also sitting in the middle of a large Lotus. As I continued to turn counter-clockwise, They were all turning clockwise. When this began, white and pink rose petals began to “rain” down on us. Suddenly, I was aware that Sai Baba and Babaji were present. As I noticed them, I realized that actually Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Prema Sai Baba, Babaji and Muktananda were all present. They each had long black hair down to Their waists and Their hair was all in dreadlocks. The ring of Violet Flame that had been around all 108 Divine Mothers now enclosed around me and engulfed me. As the Violet Flame was “burning” me, all my Babas were dancing around me in the same clockwise manner as the Divine Mothers were still turning on Their Lotuses. In my Heart center, was a large ruby with a flame inside of it. As the Violet Flame became more and more intense, the ruby became brighter and brighter in color, and the flame inside of the ruby became brighter and brighter. I stood up inside the Violet Flame and began to dance. Now, all of the 108 Divine Mothers began dancing too, and all of my Babas were still dancing around me. Suddenly, because of the intensity of the flame within the ruby, the ruby shattered into pieces. As the shattered pieces flew out, a piece of the ruby was embedded into the Heart of all my Babas and all of the 108 Divine Mothers. Then, the flame that had been within the ruby turned into the Sun. My Heart Chakra was now the Sun. The Sun expanded, larger and larger, engulfing all of my Babas and all of the 108 Divine Mothers. We were all within the expansive Sun together, One with it and each other, and still separate in consciousness. At this point my body began to expand. It expanded so large that it engulfed the Sun, which remained in my Heart Chakra, and all of my Babas and all of the 108 Divine Mothers were dancing within my body. White light was pouring out from the tips of my fingers and toes. My eyes were now the Fire. Within me, I could feel growing from the base of my spine (actually in the yoni area) a LARGE Shivalingam. As the Shivalingam grew up inside of me, it consumed every space inside of me, and I even felt a little like my throat was “choking.” Instantaneously, my outer body dissolved into ash and fell to the base of the Shivalingam. The Shivalingam was now glowing like a hot ember. Then, out of the pile of ash that lay at the bottom of the glowing Shivalingam, my body began to emerge again. As my body emerged from the ash, it was once again enveloping the Shivalingam so that it was inside of my body. I realized that my body was now very different. I no longer had white skin. My skin was pitch black. My hair was no longer blonde. It was now also pitch black and it was in dreadlocks down to my waist. My eyes were no longer Fire. They were a deep blue almost black color. At this point, I came out of the meditation and my body slumped over. It was very very weak, and I could not will it to move. I laid there in a daze as I listened to the end of the Lalitha Ashtotram. When the Lalitha Ashtotram completed, it took a bit more time before I had the strength to sit up. After I was able to sit up, I still felt very weak and the top of my head was vibrating. As soon as I was able, I sat down to recall my experience and document it.

Did this really happen to me? Is this a true experience or is my mind in delusion? I feel it must be true because I feel no separation and I only have the desire to hear “Om Namah Shivaya.” It must be true. How else can I explain the experience of my physical body?

I am reminded that when my niece began to speak, her first word, before Mama or Dada, was Kika. My sister and I thought she was trying to say my son’s name, Caleb. One day when my son and I were visiting my sister, my niece was crying out, “Kika, Kika, Kika.” We thought she was trying to get my son’s attention. I turned to him and said, “Caleb, would you please answer her.” My niece then responded, “Not Caleb. Eileen!!!” That was the moment my sister and I realized that all this time my niece had been asking for ME. Ever since then, for the past 18 years, I have been known as Kika in my family, and all children call me Kika. I knew in the moment that my niece revealed that she was asking for me, that this name “Kika” was a name she had brought in from Spirit. The name always felt incomplete to me, as if it was “baby-talk” for another name. Now, I am feeling very aligned with the Spiritual name Kalika. After what I have experienced today, I believe that is the name that my niece was trying to say, and how auspicious that it was her first word. Also, how interesting that 18 years later, I should have this experience.

Daytona Beach

Dream with Babaji

I have had several dreams with Babaji, most of them were showing me where i needed to look at something in my life.  This dream was a little different. There was my family, myself and Babaji sitting in a room that i had never seen before, like a living room.  The family was familiar to me in the dream, as i knew this was my star family.  Not the same family i have here on earth.  There was a woman, my mother, Father and i believe 2 siblings, all were dark haired.  I was sitting with my star family on a couch.  Babaji was to our left and i believe he was sitting on the floor in front of us.  In his hand he held a diagram of the golden mean. That is the spiral shape that looks like a seashells outline which has to do with fibronacchi number system, or how all of life unfolds in a pattern on this earth. This seemed to be on a piece of clear plastic so you could see through it.  He held this over a picture of the earth and he was gently chanting as we watched.  There was also some music playing which he said was very important to the process.  This was the end of the dream, but i feel he was somehow healing the earth in his sweet and gentle way as we all sat and watched.


OM Namaha Shivaya!

On my very first trip to Haidakhan (in 1991) I was staying in the hotel in Haldwani where most of the devotees used to stay. In the evening while in my room I suddenly realized that still I really didn't know how to proceed to Haidakhan the next day, although I had already paid the usual visit to Sri Muniraji's place in the afternoon. - I didn't have to wait long, there was a knock on my door and in front of me stood a German devotee from Munich, Peter, who said he just came to tell me the exact way to Haidakhan, mentioning the time when the bus to Dam Site would go in the morning and from which place in Haldwani. - He then said: I'll now go to visit the doctor! - Having heard this there was a bell ringing in my head and I was about to say: Can I come with you? - but did'nt dare to ask, so he went and next morning I went to the bus stop. - Again after a few minutes a tall man stood in front of me saying: Don't worry the bus will come within a few minutes! - Then he said: Peter has told me about you - I'm the doctor of Haidakhan hospital! - So Narayan Singh and I went on the same bus and although he later proceeded much quicker than me on foot to the ashram, he made sure I would have a porter taking me the right way there.

On another occasion (1996), while camping on Montezuma beach/Costa Rica where I least expected it I saw a sign "Om Namah Shivay" in Hindi amoung the bushes of the second part of the beach. It turned out there was a Babaji devotee living there in a makeshift home, inviting me for a coffee  (which I had just been craving for since the beach was otherwise empty) after I had  greated him with "Om namah Shivay" and telling me he had had a fire ceremony the night before with an Italian guy whom he described and who I could later meet.

Babaji is everywhere whenever you need him !

Bhole Baba ki Jai!!!

Anna Sudhakar

Thank YOU Babaji

I followed a dream in October. A man in a dream told me a sacred being would come to me. To call him Shiva. For he is held sacred to the Lord. And my epilepsy would be healed. But i must first begin to give myself back to the earth which my fathers had so  selfishly taken from. October 4, 2013 Shiva was born. My friend told me he had been born I told her to touch him and say "I call your name Shiva" And thus he is now called Shiva. Little did I know I would come pass this site and Babaji. And learn that saying the name of the Lord Shiva cleanses the mind, body and soul. Just after Shiva was born my epileptic medications quit working. And now I repeat the name of the Lord daily. And am cleansed. As well as all space for he is the most PURE one.

Thank YOU Babaji where ever and whenever you maybe for the dream and leading me to where my native spirit belongs. As the Cherokee nation teaches take what you need from earth, and always return it back to the earth.
I am at peace.

Aum nomah Shivaya!


My First Babaji Experience

Hello everybody, I would like to share my first experience with the energy of our beloved Mahavatar Babaji.

I am fresh so to say, in this path of search for the light within. For a couple of months I, ve been reconnecting to the self that I forgot for many years,  due to bad life experiences for many years ive lived in the delusion,  focused on the wrong things and searching for happiness in wrong places, like drugs bad habbits and even often guided by negativity.

Since my beautifull son was born that ive started connecting again with my true self, guided by this great unconditional love ive came across the teachings of Yogananda through Swami Kryananda for whom I have great love and devotion.

After a couple of months I came across a video which talked about this amazing light called Babaji. Straight away I went to read on the internet and decided to meditate on him...

Now what happened after is extremely simple to describe yet the presence I felt I cannot describe in words... for ten minutes my eyes cryed and cryed, yet my feeling inside was of great joy and some how I felt like I was fulfilled. 

That energy I felt made me wanna feel every second of my physical life like this...

So this has brought me to this website,

I hope that this can be another tool to help me following the path, to learn, to share, to get guidance etc.

This instant love that I felt for Babaji is probably the best thing that could happen to me and im trully greatfull and hunger to learn more so I can also help other people to find this path of joy love simplicity an truth. 



The Hague

Floating in the Air

It is hard to say when I first 'connected' with Babaji because from the first moment I heard his name, I recognized him as someone I had known forever.  Yet, I never had the privilege of meeting him in person.  Here is part of my story . . .

In 1984 in the months just after Babaji returned to spirit, I experienced a very severe trauma.  The reasons for the trauma are unimportant.  What I experienced however is important.  For a nine month period I did not eat or sleep.  My auric body had been damaged by the trauma so I could not 'feel' divine spirit around me.  Since being a small child I had 'sight' and being without it, was like being in a very deep dark pit.  It was a living death.  For me, this was no life so I wanted to died in the worse way but my friends 'in spirit' refused to let me draw my last breath.  Whenever I was ready to give up, they were there reminding me I had to live.

One of these wonderful beings was Elkamir and, another, Babaji. Without my spiritual 'sight' he and others came to visit via physical manifestation.  And, when I finally saw Babaji's floating HEAD in front of me, I started to laugh.   l laughed and laughed and laughed.  I then broke down in tears.  I suddenly realized what a great gift this trauma had given me.  I realized what it was like to be human.  I know that must sound strange to some of you but believe me.  A person as connected to spirit and as psychic as I was had no clue as to what life without those connections would be. I cried for humanity because I finally understood what it was like to be a human blind to one's own spiritual roots.  It took some time to heal and come back to the 'living' but I never forgot the lesson they'd given me.

Later, during a 'rebirthing' workshop (when I was supposed to be having a 'terrible experience'), I, instead, had a wonderful vision.  I found myself swimming upstream with Babaji and dolphins in the Ganges River. Along the river bank were hundreds of people, all of them motioning to us to come up the river.  For many months after, I could feel the sense of great peace it gave to me.

I really love Babaji.  Although we'd never met, he and I had a sort of thing.  Someone once told me he was the returner of lost things.  And, oddly enough, things did seem to disappear as if Babaji was challenging me to call upon him to see if this really was true.   Well, I took the challenge.  After doing a release (a necessary component), chanting and asking Babaji for their return, they always reappeared within the hour. In one case, it was a set of spiritual books authored by a friend. Another time, it was a very special crystal earring one-of-a-kind that I'd gotten at a seminar in Sedona.  I'd lost it on the street in Philadelphia.  It didn't seem to matter . . . it still came back.  So, did my cat (a very strange cat ... long story) that had been gone for many days . . . always back within the hour.  I don't need to do the ritual anymore but I still feel his presence.  Believe it or not, after he disappeared a second time, I noticed he was partly dematerialized, if you can imagine such a thing!  I knew it was him time to go then.  On a third request for his return, he did not come back. 

I believe Babaji is by my side still (as is the cat) . . . he is also by your side if you need him to be.






Seattle, WA

my good experience with babaji

Dear Babaji 

Really I am so happy because of you if you are not their how i would be i only dont know, from my birth onwards still now you saved me a lot

how i should thank full to you i only dont know, I realy praised to my self about you




Sri Harshitha